Persistence.  That’s what we saw play out at the Brickyard as Michael McDowell and Front Row Motorsports celebrated another win at one of racing’s hallowed venues.

Here’s a team that’s been hanging around in the lower-teens and 20s for years, looking for any opportunity to drive up and grab a top-10.

McDowell’s Daytona 500 win was special, no doubt about it.  But, despite his record of success on superspeedways, some will always look at that win as something of a fluke.

What happened at the Brickyard was no fluke.  In the midst of his most consistent season…one where he’s been hanging around the edge of the playoffs.  McDowell had, without a doubt, the best car at Indianapolis and backed it up with a flawless performance.

And, he needed to be.  Chase Elliott was there, ready to pounce if McDowell had even a little bobble.

This is why we love sports.  It was a kick watching the absolute joy McDowell had after the race, and to get to share it with his family.  There were enjoying it just as much as he was.

Good things do happen to good people.  This year’s Brickyard was proof of that.