When it comes to pre-seasons, nothing compares to baseball. In part, it's because baseball is an attitude. It's slower pace meshes well with the sunny weather and more laid back feel of Spring Training.

The only one that comes close is NASCAR. There's nothing quite like the feeling the first time you hear the cars crank up. After a couple of months of silence, it's like the return of a friend. And, not just a friend you can hear and see; but feel as well.

The great thing is: even if you're not in the facility, you can hear the cars. It's almost as if they're calling you.

Most folks who work in the industry are pretty worn out by the time the season ends. But, once you hear those cars going around the track again, it's lot a shot of adrenalin. Much like baseball does, it signals that warmer weather is coming, and there's optimism all around.

And, for the rest of us, the possible storylines lying ahead of us are endless. We all can try guessing, but there will be some we would never have imagined.