Sometimes it's hard to appreciate greatness; especially when you don't particularly care for the person displaying it. That's the situation many race fans find themselves in these days when it comes to Kyle Busch.

We've always known he's talented, but the question always was when would be mature into the person who could fulfill that potential. I believe we're there thanks to a combination of Samantha, fatherhood and his injury a year ago.

The weekend whipping he put on everyone else at Indy was so impressive, many fans say it turned them off. He is closing in on DOUBLING Mark Martin's win total in, what is now, the Xfinity Series. He doesn't need to run those races for the money or prestige; he runs them because he says, they help him on Sunday.  And, isn't that the ultimate goal? Cup titles?

Kyle Busch is one of those drivers whose body of work will be better appreciated when he's done. Whether you love him or hate him now, you'll be telling your grandkids how much better he was than anyone who they're cheering for.