For those who thought Martin Truex, Jr. was done once Cole Pearn left, think again.  Truex may not be back on the dominating game he was a couple of years ago, but he is certainly announced himself as a championship contender once again.

In becoming the first driver to win multiple races this year, Truex has shown that he has now developed a solid relationship with Crew Chief James Small. 

We talk, often, about how long it can take for drivers and crew chiefs to get on the same page…to be able to understand just how loose, loose is by the tone of the driver’s voice.

They seem to be there now.  In fact, after Martinsville, Small talked about the great feedback he was getting from Truex, and how it helped them get the car adjusted for the final stage.

Truex is a guy who is easy to like.  And, with the roller-coaster ride that his career has been (much of that outside of his control), seeing him winning again, gives one hope that nice guys can finish first.