You've heard the old expression "2 steps forward and one step back".

Well, for Kyle Busch, it's been more like 6 steps forward and one back.  But, unfortunately for him, when he takes that one back, most folks forget all the progress he's made in recent years.

Kyle Busch is one of the most competitive people you'll ever meet.  And, he's an admitted sore loser.  He is also a student of the history of the game.

He knew how close he was to making a mark with his four consecutive race win streak in Saturday's Xfinity race at Auto Club Speedway.  I have no problem with his outburst on his radio.  It's disappointment and it's in the heat of the moment.  How many of us haven't blown up at a co-worker in the heat of the moment?

What I can't forgive him for is blowing off his post-race responsibilities as a second place finisher.  And I have defended him in the past for not talking when he finished fourth or worse, because, by rule, he didn't have to.

Part of being a professional athlete is talking after an event, win or lose.  In other sports, there is a "cooling off period" before media are allowed into the locker room.  So, Kyle, take a few minutes to get over your disappointment and gather your thoughts.  But, then appear, if so obligated.  That's what champions do.