If it were up to me, NASCAR would not have had their season-ending awards ceremony last week.  It would have been a week and a half before.

My dream scenario would be to move the Championship Weekend to Las Vegas.  Then, have the Trucks and Xfinity banquet Tuesday night and the Cup banquet Wednesday night.  Then, everyone gets to go home.  And stay there.

I think the crews would love this.  As much time as they spend on the road during the year, it's still a chore to go back out one more time; even if it is for a celebration.

I've never planned an event of this scale, but you already know who the 16 are that are going to be there and you know who the final four are, so it's just a matter of having four different plans ready to go.

Plus, fans would already be there for the race; so that's an opportunity for them to stick around an extra couple of days and be a bigger part of the celebration.