How many times have you heard the phrase, “it’s not supposed to be easy”?

I think that it’s been proven time and time again that driving a stock car is anything but easy.  Just ask the drivers who drop in from other series and try to wheel around these behemoths.

At COTA we had two formula 1 champs and an IMSA champ and, among them, there were varied levels of success before the mayhem with the multiple overtime restarts.  I think they all like having fenders and being able to use them, but the weight difference between what they’re used to driving and a stock car takes a bit more getting used to than less than an hour of practice or time in a simulator will give them.

Think of how many open wheel drivers have tried to come to NASCAR in recent years and how many have had any measure of great success.  The list isn’t very long.

It is tough.  It’s supposed to be.  So, instead of criticizing what you’re seeing every week, why not take some time to appreciate it instead.  It looks easy because they’re good.