Here are my predictions for 2013 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup World. Please feel free to hold me accountable at the conclusion of this season.

1. Mark Martin will win the Daytona 500, in a strange twist of fate Mark will finally grab the brass ring and walk away with the sports single biggest race win.  I also think Michael Waltrip has a shot at his 3rd win if he decides to enter.

2. Brad Keslowski will win more races this season but will not repeat as champion. If you’re not Jimmie Johnson it’s awfully hard to repeat in this business.

3. Danica Patrick will be surprisingly competitive in Sprint Cup because she knows the clock is ticking and just being Danica will not be enough to keep her in the game. Danica will have to have positive results at the end of 2013.

4. We’ve not seen the last of the Jeff Gordon/Clint Bowyer feud, I think these guys actually don’t like each other and you know what, that’s okay. Elephants and race car drivers never forget. 

5. Carl Edwards will continue to struggle, I actually think his points showing in 2011 was a fluke and his nearly two year losing streak is more indicative of this team.

6. Joey Logano is going to flourish with Penske, win some races and make the chase.

7. Dale Jr. will either battle for the title or not make the Chase; there will be no safe middle ground this season.

8. This is the year that Kyle Busch will make a serious title run, he’s going to be pushed by teammates Hamlin and Kenseth and he will respond.

9. Dodge will announce that they will return to NASCAR in 2014, or at least I hope so

10. RCR is going to have tough year, with Harvick already announcing that he is gone after the season and the other teams struggling this could be and unwelcome season in Welcome, NC.

Here are the 12 that will make the Chase: Gordon, Earnhardt, Johnson, Stewart, Kyle Busch, Kenseth, Bowyer, Biffle, Kahne, Keselowski, Logano and Kurt Busch.