I strive to be a glass half full guy. Now, mind you, I don't always succeed but I'm in there pitching.  So with that in mind, here are seven positive items about the young NASCAR season.

No. 7: The horrible weather that has plagued NASCAR this year can't continue. Let's see, it rained in Phoenix, we had a snowstorm in Martinsville, freezing weather in Texas, plus rain, sleet and snow in Bristol. At some point, Mother Nature has to cut NASCAR some slack, doesn't she? 

No. 6: There is no shortage of news. Everything from pit gun drama to questionable officiating calls and optical scanning stations has kept Twitter and social media buzzing.

No. 5: The Xfinity series seems to be creating its own real identity. The move to eliminate Cup drivers from the Dash 4 Cash races has allowed other drivers a chance to shine. After all the series' slogan says "Names are made here."

No. 4: The addition of the Roval at Charlotte Motor Speedway will add some much-needed excitement to the playoffs. Overall, the changes to the schedule have the promise of making the playoffs more unpredictable. Plus, Indy wrapping up the regular season and Vegas kicking off the playoffs has a nice ring.

No. 3: Bristol's back! Enough said!

No. 2:  After eight races, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski still don't like each other!

No. 1: The love affair with Bubba Wallace is real. He finished second at Daytona, grabbed another top 10 in Texas and led legitimate laps at Bristol. His smile, charisma and vulnerability have made him a genuine fan favorite. Bubba and his buddy Ryan Blaney have brought much-needed personality to the sport.

Well, there they are; my seven reasons to be somewhat optimistic. Feel free to comment or hate on these, whatever makes you feel better.