With NASCAR's Playoffs fast approaching, here are 10 things I want to see happen before the season ends. The following thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

10. The last regular season race at Richmond is meaningful and there are realistic opportunities for elimination and celebration.

9. No more rain delays or postponements; these are not pleasant for anyone, but especially the fans who drop coin to attend the races.

8. That all announcers be fined if they insist on referring to cars by their numbers. We cheer for drivers in most cases, not numbers. Well, except maybe when the No. 3 car won.

7. That two big name drivers get so mad at each that they refuse to go bike riding together, don't let their kids hangout with each other, or allow their wives to exchange fashion tips. This is almost unimaginable in today's world.

6. The encumbered win rule is abolished. If you’re caught cheating, there is no check, no trophy and especially no glory. To quote Judge Smails: "You’ll get nothing and like it."

5. To see Clint Bowyer win because he’s funny, interesting, and has a certain charisma that our sport needs.

4. Bubba Wallace lands a full-time, competitive Cup Series ride. You can reference item five for the reasons.

3. All national anthems be performed by military units or marching bands. I say enough already with the "Star Mangled Banner." I must give props to Linkin’ Bridge as they were fantastic at Kentucky. There are always exceptions.

2. Dale Jr wins in his final season. Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon both got their moments in the sun. It would be rewarding for almost everyone to see NASCAR’s most popular driver in victory lane.

1. All day races should start at 1:00 pm Eastern. Telling time has never been my strong suit.

1a. The overtime line goes off to the dustbin of history, where it can reside with the short-lived rear wing. I’ve always felt that fans deserve every opportunity possible to see a green-flag finish and the overtime line works against that premise. (This happened minutes before I could get this blog out. Maybe I’ll be just as lucky with the rest of the list!)