1. That the Chase Elliott-Denny Hamlin feud continues. Feuds are great as long as you're not involved.  Oh yeah, Brad vs. Kyle isn't too bad.   

2. That Roger Penske doesn't make Ryan Blaney cut his hair. Who knows, he could be like Sampson?

3. No rain delays or rainouts on race day!

4. A winged sprint car match race between Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon.  Actually, any type of match race would do, except maybe a foot race.

5. Carl Edwards back in a race car — what's up with that?

6. Would be nice if Santa could deliver Bubba Wallace into the 2018 playoffs

7. Hey Santa, how about 36 nail-biting, side-by-side, cars-on-fire finishes? Actually, we would be happy with just 10 of those.

8. A cool nickname for all the young racers in the NASCAR that doesn't include the term, Young Guns or Young Bucks. Ugh!

9. Dear Santa, please keep all the horrible, make-your-ears-bleed versions of the national anthem at the North Pole. No more Star Mangled Banner!   

10. A NASCAR rule book that is only 7 pages thick!