Through this point in his NASCAR career, Marcos Ambrose has proven to be a bit of a one-trick pony. He is fantastic on road courses where he has two wins at Watkins Glen. He should also have a win at Sonoma but forgot the laws of physics and NASCAR, and cut his car off while trying to coast up hill. His “failure to maintain track position” cost him what would have been a sure win.

I think one day Marcos will become much better at only turning left and will score that elusive win on an oval. Hopefully Richard Petty Motorsports can give him a car and crew capable of making that happen. I am impressed with Marcos’ skills on the road courses, there is no denying that, but he also said something on our radio show “Fast Talk” that was even more impressive to me. 

Current Miss Sprint Cup, Kim Coon asked Marcos if there should be a road course in the Chase and his answer was shocking!  Marcos, even being the impressive road racer he is, said he didn’t think there should be a road course in the Chase. 

His reasoning was very sound, “It’s not what our sport really is. I don’t think there is a need for a road course race in the chase.  I came to America to race on ovals, I came to NASCAR to race on the ovals.  I didn’t come here to race these dinosaurs on Watkins Glen and Sonoma.  There is nothing better than NASCAR on the ovals.” 

I honestly don’t think he was just playing lip service to NASCAR. I really believe this is how he feels.  You must give him credit for not wanting to change the game to suit his own strengths, but rather to get stronger in the areas where he can win on traditional ovals. That is a bold statement in world where everything and everyone is self-serving. 

Ambrose, with his likable Australian accent and easy going manner is already a fan favorite.  Once he masters turning left he will be elevated above the discussion a lot more than twice a year when NASCAR drivers turn both left and right. Ambrose’s refreshing attitude is surely a turn for the better.