After Dale Jr won at Talladega it didn't take long for the "well Jimmie let him win" talk start up. Jimmie Johnson didn't let anyone win, not even his teammate and friend, Dale Jr. Maybe I should say, especially not his friend and teammate Dale Jr. Jimmie may not show it in his public personas but I've always held the opinion that on the racetrack Jimmie is a stone cold assassin. He doesn't give up position on the track easily and surely isn't going to roll over and let someone else claim a victory. 

Jimmie is part of the Hendrick team but more importantly he is the key component in the 48 Team and surrendering wins is not his fashion. How does a driver go back to his team and say, "hey I could've won but someone else needed it more?" If you're Jimmie Johnson, you don't. Did Jimmie Johnson help Dale Jr. win at Talladega, you bet, in those conditions you absolutely needed to have someone to push your car and who better than Jimmie Johnson? He's fast and most likely not going to wreck you. Had circumstances allowed, Jimmie would have made a move to pass and win, but such a move without a lot of help would have been disastrous for the 48 team. If you watched the race you saw every time someone pulled out to pass and without a lot of help, they were doomed. The lack of passing actually made it a very tame race by crazy Talladega standard. 

There are some NASCAR fans that are so hung up on conspiracies that's it's ludicrous. There are no black helicopters, grassy knolls or scripted races. If that was really the case, Dale Jr would already be champion and Danica would have a couple of wins. Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss and win is just a win. If you must think everything in NASCAR is controlled by the man behind the curtain then find another sport to support. If that seems a bit harsh, well sorry, sorry that you can't accept reality and must always be looking for nonexistent an Sasquatch.