Justin Allgaier has always considered himself as someone that doesn't accept the status quo.

And it makes sense. After all, how could any competitor in NASCAR expect to succeed without taking chances? However, there is one notable exception to Allgaier's experimentation.

During Monday's edition of Fast Talk, the Xfinity Series winner at Phoenix International Raceway told Brett McMillan and Hermie Sadler the story of how he challenged two of racing's greatest superstitions.

"I was always told growing up that you don't wear green going to the race track and you don't put green on a racecar, you don't eat shelled peanuts at the race track, and you don't eat fried chicken on race day," Allgaier said. "Those were always the three things I was told that you just don't do, and don't carry $50 bills."

So what did the "Little Gator" do? He made, shall we say, a risky wardrobe choice.

"So, one day I was shopping around to find some new boxers and I found a pair that were green and had peanuts on them. So, I bought a pair of them and I said, 'I'm going to prove this theory wrong,'" Allgaier explained. "We go to the race track and I wear them under my firesuit and I'm excited. I don't tell anybody, but I'm all excited because I'm going to whip those babies out when the race is over and show them how much luck they really gave me."

No big deal, right? Wrong. Allgaier had one of the worst races of his life, and worse yet, he had to face his team and take responsibility for his actions.

"The car wouldn't run for hot laps, I finished terrible in my heat race, and on the first lap of the feature, I got crashed and absolutely destroyed the race car," Allgaier said. "There wasn't a part on it that was salvageable. And I came in and had to fess up to the story (and) tell everybody what I'd done.

"So, I showed everybody my boxers and obviously none of them were all that enthused. There was no issue with the boxers, but it was just the fact I think honestly that I was thinking about it and I was trying to prove everybody wrong that it caused an issue."

Lesson learned for the four-time Xfinity Series winner, who says he's not superstitious despite the humbling experience.

"I never wore them again. I am not superstitious, but I also respect everybody's else's superstitions and I also learned not to debate people's beliefs or theories anytime in the near future," he said. "So, you won't see me with any green, peanuts, or $50 bills."