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PRN Podcasts
PRN Podcasting brings the best of PRN Radio and to your portable audio player. Each weekday, the Best of PRN Radio features interviews and commentary from PRN Radio shows -- Fast Talk, Garage Pass and The O'Reilly Auto Parts Pit Reporters .

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is like TiVo for audio. Using a program like Apple's iTunes, users can subscribe, download, and listen or transfer the files to a portable audio player, like an iPod. This allows for the file to be played anytime, anywhere: At the gym, walking, driving to work, or on the subway.

What equipment do you need?
The basic requirements for Podcasting are a computer, Podcasting software (iTunes is now the most popular) and an Internet connection. To carry the file with you, you'll need a portable audio player, for iTunes you'll need an Apple iPod.

How do you get started?
Download and install Podcasting software onto your computer. PRN recommends iTunes (even if you don't own an iPod or portable audio player you can still manage and listen to podcasts through iTunes.)

Download iTunes: