Was it unprofessional? Yes, but I was by myself.

Did that still make it wrong? Yes, I guess it did.

Is confession good for the soul? Yes, absolutely.

That's why I'm willing to plead guilty I love it when "David" takes down "Goliath" and in the closing laps of the Xfinity Series race at Road America I found myself cheering for Jeremy Clements, who drives for his underfunded family team, to slingshot past Matt Tifft and triumph over one of Joe Gibbs' young giants. When Clements rocked Tifft and sent them both spinning one turn from getting the white flag, the finish turned into one for the ages.

You could also argue there was divine intervention that allowed Clements to get his 8-year-old car back on the track and up to speed before the third place driver could pass him, permitting him to win by nearly six seconds over Michael Annett for his first Xfinity Series victory in 256 starts.

Tifft would wind up third and look he would have been a great story too if he had held on to capture the checkered flag. This kid has come back from a brain tumor to reestablish himself as one of NASCAR's future stars. If he had won, I truly would have been happy the 21-year-old had gotten his first win.

It's just I'm a little happier Clements came out on top. "I thank the good Lord above. I can't believe this," he said. Neither could a lot of people given how little money he and his Dad Tony have to work with.                     

"The whole time my career I've driven for our family-owned team. To be here is hard and we have to make a lot of sacrifices," explained Clements. "We've run old stuff every week and this car was literally built in 2008."

"I'm just trying to stay out here and you never know if I could catch a break. We don't get the big bucks like the other teams do, we get a fraction of what they get maybe. We just try to put it to the best use and try to stay here and keep doing it and luckily it hasn't broke us yet."

Now, Clements will have a chance to compete for the Xfinity Series championship along with Elliott Sadler, William Byron, Justin Allagaier, and Ryan Reed. "That's so incredible, that's so cool," exclaimed Clements. "Honestly, I wasn't even looking at the Playoff because we were so far back we didn't have a shot unless we won."

But that's exactly what they did. "It's a miracle, it's a blessing. This feels like a dream come true."

When you hear something like that, how can you not cheer for an underdog like Jeremy Clements? I did and I don't care if everybody knows.