Garage Pass National Show

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Garage Pass National Show
December 4, 2017
Martin Truex Jr. gives the credit for his championship to Cole Pearn but Pearn puts it back on his driver. The two are gratious champions. Plus, Kyle Busch wins the 50th Snowball Derby and Jimmie Johnson was looking for a beer in Homestead.
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02/21/18 Garage Pass National Show There are some eerie similarities between Austin Dillon's Daytona 500 victory and that of Dale Earnhardt's and Danica Patrick is glad she had time to transition out of racing. Plus Bubba Wallace isn't afraid to show his emotional side.
02/20/18 Garage Pass National Show Austin Dillon and his wife, Whitney, had an argument just before the 2018 Daytona 500 but her prediction on the race outcome was right on the money; and future race grand marshals need to take some lessons from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Plus, Bubba Wallace is pumped over his newest Twitter follower.
02/19/18 Garage Pass National Show Austin Dillon dedicates the Daytona 500 trophy to Pop Pop, Bubba Wallace takes the podium in tears, and Dillon’s new tattoo that you’ll never see.
02/16/18 Garage Pass National Show Brad Keselowski is the odds on favorite to win the Daytona 500 and Danica Patrick says she doesn't want to be a field filler. Plus Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney have already notched wins.
02/15/18 Garage Pass National Show Ty Dillon remembers fondly the 1998 Daytona 500 even though he was only in 5th grade and speaking of school, Kurt Busch may have failed data sharing class. Plus, is Chase Elliott destined to be Most Popular Driver?
02/14/18 Garage Pass National Show Kevin Harvick discusses why Danica Patrick was always behind the 8-ball in the NASCAR Cup Series and Brent Dewar says NASCAR isn't for sale. Plus, Bubba Wallace on kickin' back at the track.
02/13/18 Garage Pass National Show Alex Bowman is trying to back out of a race bet he made with boss-man, Rick Hendrick and too Danica Patrick the end for her was last season in Homeastead. Plus, Joey Logano now knows that kids change lives.
02/12/18 Garage Pass National Show Alex Bowman was surprised when he found out that a 46-flat put him on the pole for the 2018 Daytona 500 and Denny Hamlin was even more shocked when he ended up on the outside of Row. Plus, Bubba Wallace believes all races county – even when he beats of the media.
02/09/18 Garage Pass National Show Kurt Busch wants to be the first to go back-to-back in the Daytona 500 since Sterling Marlin did it in the 1990's and Ryan Newman has a lot of unanswered questions regarding the new Hawkeye system. Plus Clint Bowyer not taking any vacations leaves him climbing the walls.
02/08/18 Garage Pass National Show Brian France on new manufacturers and talks with Monster Energy. Plus, Ryan Blaney on shooting for the show TAKEN.
02/07/18 Garage Pass National Show Jimmie Johnson discusses his new role as mentor at Hendrick Motor Sports and Kevin Harvick jokes that he found a way not to be a jerk after a race.
02/06/18 Garage Pass National Show No doubt that Alex Bowman is a lucky guy to be in the No. 88 car and Ryan Newman on data sharing. Plus, Ryan Blaney explains how Bubba Wallace is a student of NASCAR history.
02/05/18 Garage Pass National Show Aric Almirola will work on building relationships at Stewart-Haas Racing, as well as, adding to the trophy case. Plus, Kyle Larson was fast in Las Vegas testing.
02/02/18 Garage Pass National Show Are Jimmie Johnson and Tom Brady alike? And what role does Chad Knaus play? Johnson weighs-in and Joey Logano jokes about Brady's come-from-behind Super Bowl win in 2017.
02/01/18 Garage Pass National Show William Byron may still be a sophomore in college but he is also one of the hottest rookies on the NASCAR circuit and Kevin Harvick is liking the changes he sees in the racing schedule. Plus, Ryan Blaney bummed he couldn't help others with his lost locks.
01/31/18 Garage Pass National Show Joey Logano is right in the middle of the youth versus veterans promotion debate - literally. At 27 years old, he gives his views. Plus, Jimmie Johnson admits he doesn't have a spare BILLION, or two, lying around.
01/30/18 Garage Pass National Show He is one of the most popular drivers in the world but even Fernando Alonso realizes he has to take time out to promote his sport and interact with fans. Plus, Brad Keselowski gives his wish list if he could be NASCAR King for a day.
01/29/18 Garage Pass National Show Kyle Busch feels like NASCAR, at times, bullies younger drivers into promoting the sport but Ryan Blaney says he is never to busy for fans. Plus, Kevin Harvick loves that the race schedule is shaking up and Joey Logano adjusts to being a dad.
01/26/18 Garage Pass National Show Kyle Busch isn't happy about younger drivers being promoted over veterans but concedes some of the old regime may be pushing back and Kevin Harvick feels like performance trumps all. Plus, F1 star, Fernando Alonso, is considering a NASCAR tryout and UFC fighters take a spin at Charlotte.
01/25/18 Garage Pass National Show NASCAR corrects course on promoting drivers but Kyle Busch appears jealous young drivers are getting the spotlight. Plus Clint Bowyer wanted just one change for 2017.